Single Strand Vintage Necklaces

Single Strand Vintage Necklaces

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Vintage single strand beaded necklace. $15

This dynamic necklace stands out with large white beads with accents in teal, yellow, and pink. Including the gold springring clasp, this necklace is about 20.5 inches long.

Shannon Buchanan's Trinkets and Décor
As a loved vintage item from about the 1980s, this piece has wear on a couple of the white beads. Additionally, the springring clasp has a tendency to not spring back, but can be…

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1970s 1980s 70s 80s beads braided cord braids chunky chunky jewelry colors cream delicate elegant faux pearls gold accents hipster necklaces pearls pink string teal vintage Vintage Jewelry vintage necklaces white yellow

Korean TV Dramas: Part 2

Korean TV Dramas: Part 2

In the past I wrote about a few Korean Dramas I enjoyed (which you can find here). Since that post, written over a year and a half ago, I have watched many more dramas. These dramas require a lot of reading on my part and rightly deserve a place in this blog. Below are some of my more recent favorite and the reasons I loved them. Click on the title of each show to go to where I watched them from,…

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A gentleman&039;s dignity Coffee Prince Dream High Faith Flower Boy Next Door Gooddrama Identity Kim Soo Hyun Korean Dramas Korean television Korean TV Lee Jong Hyun Lee Min Ho Lee Philip love Monstar My Love From Another Star Park Shinn Hye Personal Preference Romantic Comedies Sci-Fi Secret Garden Shut Up Flower Boy Band The Great Doctor The Heirs

Manga: The Library Wars

Manga: The Library Wars

5 stars
Author- Arikawa Hiro
Artist- Yumi Kiiro

Library Wars
While I do read manga often, I typically don’t blog about them. Mostly because I feel that I digest manga so quickly, it does not merit writing about it. It isn’t that I think Manga is unworthy of my time, its that due to my horrible memory, I forget a majority of the storyline even a day later because of how quickly I read them.

This manga, title “The…

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Arikawa Hiro Japanese Library Wars Manga Yumi Kiiro

Three String Vintage Necklaces

Three String Vintage Necklaces


Vintage three strand beaded necklace. $18

This elegant 3 strand necklace has a variety of beads that give it a unique look. A majority of the beads have a stone like appearance, which contrast nicely with faceted pale yellow and round beads. The inside strand measures 19 inches, while the outside strand is about 23 inches. The hook clasp allows for a range of sizes from a circumference of about 15…

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3 strand necklace beads brown chunky jewelry elegant gold Jewelry pearls three stand necklace unique vintage

FTC Robotics: Business Cards

OOPS! Robotics

Recently I became a mentor for the First FTC team 8943, also known as OOPS!logo Now you may be wondering what First FTC is, well it is a robotics competition in which teams design robots that fit within an 18in cube. To learn more about FTC and First, click on their logo to the left. The team I joined is especially unique because it is composed entirely of Girl Scouts.

My job as a mentor is to help…

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8943 Cyborg Panda First FTC First Robotics FTC Girl Scouts OOPS! OOPS! Robotics Pandas Purple Team 8943